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Allen Weber with his Hot Shock Band

Gary Schwartz – Lettingo Live

Mary-Catherine McNinch-Pazzano

Eric St-Laurent Trio – Dale

Aubrey Dayle’s My id – Jewel

Heillig Manoeuvre – ‘Toons

Dave Young Terry Promane Octet

Sean Bray’s Peach Trio Live

Adrian Peek                                                 

André Roy                                                    

Artie Roth                                                     

Bruce Cassidy   

Christmas on Seaton St.                                         

Duncan Hopkins                                          

Dave Hutchison                                           

Doug Burrell                                                 

George Koller                                               

Greg Runions                                               

John MacMurchy                                         

Joyce Aldrich


Lorne Nehring

Lily-Ann Macdonald

Linda Solotaire

Louise Van Aarsen

Maple Leaf Sun Rising

Mike Field

MJ Territo

Nat Janoff

Roger Walls

Ross Wooldridge

Scott Marshall

Steve Cole

Toronto Art Orchestra

Tom Szczesniak

World Jazz For Haiti

Kim Kaskiw  


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