World Jazz for Haiti

World Jazz For Haiti is a double CD compilation of 23 original songs – 12 vocal and 11 instrumental – produced with the ultimate goal of raising funds for the disaster relief effort in Haiti. All of the compositions on the album are either brand new or variations on recent works, and have been written and recorded by Canadian artists living in Toronto.

Executive Producer George Rondina of The Number 9 Audio Group is proud to be producing this once-in-a-lifetime album with world-class artists for an extremely worthwhile international cause. Musical director/producer George Koller and associate producer Jesse Capon have put together an eclectic mix of talent for the album, including industry veterans David Clayton-Thomas, Holly Cole, Guido Basso, Jane Bunnett and John McDermott. The final release is due out September 26 and is sure to be both a stunning music compilation and a major boon for Haiti’s disaster relief efforts.

To buy an album call Number 9 Audio Group at 1-877-8288-3469 or give us a visit at 222 Gerrard Street East Toronto.

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