Maple Leaf Rising Sun


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As you know we have again been faced with a tragedy of inexplicable magnitude.

I know it’s very hard to fathom from our perspective, and I pray that we never have to endure anything so devastating. I believe we are all one family on this earth and we must help our brothers and sisters when the need arises.Maple Leaf Rising Sun

I have approached George Koller ( Producer, Musical Director and Musician extraordinaire
) as well as Christina Seki (Director of Sales & Marketing/ Corporate Events Manager from the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre). We have all joined together and agreed that the idea of creating a World Class Album of Canadian Artists would be a very positive and creative healing experience. It is my hope that you might join us in this very worthy cause, and that we extend our efforts once again on the largest scale possible. A relatively minor effort on our part can give many of our friends in Japan hope and a decent life to look forward to, once again.

What we have to offer is the Gift of Music. A gift of talent, knowledge, hope and charity can make a world of difference. Even though it is no longer front page news. We believe that help is needed now more than ever.

All proceeds will go to the JCCC (Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre) and forwarded directly to a registered charity that is on the ground in Japan as we speak.

Thank you for your time and consideration of joining us is this very worthy cause.

George Rondina
Executive Producer
Managing Director
Number 9 Audio Group

It was an honor to be asked to produce and direct the music on this recording.
I have visited Japan many times over the last 20 years and I have a deep love for the culture and people of Japan. Over 6 months of planning and careful thought went into this…and it turned out quite differently than we had originally thought.
I am thankful to George Rondina for all his support and guidance….and I am
very grateful for “engineer supreme” Bernie Cisternas….we worked many long hours together and I am truly blessed to know him.

We all let the music guide us.. and our hearts direct us toward the right album title and the best collection of songs. I was in Japan many months after the events of March 2011..and I asked my Japanese friends “what do they need from us”?
They responded ..”we just need to know that you are with us, and haven’t forgotten us”
With this varied collection of music for all age groups…I dedicate it to the positive future in Japan and the continued close ties between our hearts and nations

George Koller producer/music director- MapleLeaf RisingSun-songs for Tohoku Japan