Gary Schwartz – Lettingo Live

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Lonely Woman

Between the Lines

Buy this Album!Gary Schwartz, senior PT Faculty member in the Music Department of Concordia University teaches jazz ensembles, improvisation, theory Gary Schwartzand guitar lessons. He has worked in organ trios, big bands; pop, ethnic, blues and funk bands and with James Brown and has played and recorded jazz in many different styles with his own groups, LETTINGO – The Music and Influence of Ornette Coleman (CD, OPUS and Montreal Arts Council Awards–2011, Concordia University-CUPFA Artistic Recognition Grant and recent articles in Downbeat Jazz magazine), Public Transport Project(CD), Between The Lines, Inside/Out, Dualism, Trios and as well as with Kim Richardson, Thom Gossage/Other Voices, Dave Turner, Tim Brady, Dave Turner, François Richard, The MSO and McGill Chamber Orchestras. He has performed in Jazz festivals across Canada and has worked for all the major television and radio Lettingo Live Performancestations in Montréal as well as in the pit bands of Les Misérables, Chicago, Showboat and Evita to name a few.garyschfront



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