Eric St-Laurent Trio – Dale

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Hey There Good Lookin’


Eric St-Laurent, guitar
Jordan O’Connor, bass
Michel DeQuevedo, percussion

Buy this Album!The Eric St-Laurent Trio blends original, uplifting melodies and afro-cuban rhythms in a distinctive, fresh new sound.Eric St-Laurent Trio - Dale

The Eric St-Laurent Trio is a fresh and exciting trio that play the compositions of guitarist Eric St-Laurent and create new interpretations every night through the magic of improvisation.

Afro-Cuban rhythms combined with Jazz and Blues elements are the heart of the trio’s music. Lyrical melodies, infectious grooves and riffs, plenty of interaction and a good dose of humour round off the picture.

With the unique and highly virtuosic rhythm section of Jordan O’Connor (bass) and Michel DeQuevedo (percussion), this band creates joy, excitement – and a few other emotions that simply haven’t been named yet.

-“Eric St. Laurent and his trio have to be seen to be believed. One of the most unique, kick-ass bands in the country!”
Jaymz Bee – Jazz FM 91


-“A solid Canadian contribution to modern jazz”,
Matthew Parsons, The Gateway

Eric St-Laurent Trio - DaleAWARDSEric St-Laurent Trio
Winners of the SOCAN award for Best
Composition at the Montreal Jazz Festival
Winner of the Best Band Award at the
Vienne, France, Jazz Festival

“Eric St-Laurent and his trio have to bee seen
to be believed. One of the most unique, kickass
bands in the country!”
-JazzFM 91

“[they] will delight music fans and keep guitar
aficionados guessing as to how St-Laurent
managed to create such an incredibly rich
– The Uniter, Winnipeg