Charlie Gray

“New Release – Past Present and Future” (includes a free bonus track)

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Past Present Future

Playing trumpet Charlie has backed up Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Melissa Manchester, Natalie Cole, The Temptations, The Spinners, Lena Charlie GrayHorne, Ann Margaret, Glass Tiger 1986: Thin Red Line album, Jeff Beck, toured with Anne Murray (2 yrs), Harry Connick Jr., Toronto and Halifax Jazz Festivals with Doug Riley ; also performed with Boss Brass, Banda Brava and with his won groups. Music Director for Jackie Richardson Power Band on several occasions. Featured soloist on the classic SCTV Mr. Mambo skit with John Candy (13 words to live by).

CD’s mastered include: The Cottars (2); P.J. Perry; Brigham Phillips Big Band; Susan Piltch; Vern Dorge; Rebecca Whelan; Bob Rice; Doug Riley; JVC – Hiroko Motomiya & Chiba of Tokyo (5); Geoff Young; Mike Cado; The Brampton Concert Band, Hannaford Street Silver Band, Barry Romberg (2); Lorne Lofsky; Bill Bridges; John McDermott (3); Kieran Overs; Chris Dedrick; Shelley Berger; Gary Gray, Sound Touch (Sue Hodge); James MacDonald; Al Henderson; Quartetto Gelato: Jim Galloway; Linda Cara; Enoch Kent; Stitch Winchester; Wendy Soloman; David Warrack; Brent Carver.Head Case



Compositions by Charlie Gray

Past Present Future:

Kirk MacDonald-tenor
Bob McLaren-drums
Gary Williamson-piano
Neil Swainson-bass
Charlie Gray-trumpet & flugel horn

(on Fever Dream)
Oliver Schroer-violin
Scott Alexander-bass
Ben Grossman-percussion
Charlie Gray-trumpet & synths

(on The Reunion)
Rob Piltch-guitar
C Gray-trumpet
Neal Swainson-bass
(on Head Case)
Barclay Moffit-tenor Sax
Lucian Gray-guitar